Terminal and port

Thanks to our strategic location, we can effectively offer services both on board the ship, at the terminal or at the customer's location. We have the capacity, competence and commitment regardless of the assignment.

Heavy goods

Heavy goods is Mima Terminal's first terminal and was founded 2002. Steel, machine parts and project loads are loaded here.


The timber terminal started in 2017 and the timber is reloaded from trains and trucks into containers for export. All timber is loaded with a load plate to not damage the timber.

Paper and Pulp

There are currently four Paper and Pulp Terminals where paper and pulp from some of the largest paper mills in the Nordics arrive. At the terminals, paper rolls and paper pulp are reloaded from trains and trucks into containers for export. The terminals also handle import flows from e.g. Germany.

Värmland terminal

The Värmland terminal was started in 2021 in Vålberg with the aim of being a modern logistics hub for forest products. The terminal has its own connecting track to the railway network and is located near the junction between E18 and E45, which facilitates the transports.